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The Concept


A leader is formed in time. You know that to be a leader is not a gift of nature. You know it from your own experience. And you also know that to be a successful leader, you must get involved in experiences in which you learn more and more. It is only this way that you can determine others to follow you.

The idea of the program was born from an observation: essentially, leadership means attraction, alignment to a shared vision, enthusiasm. One of the greatest practitioners of modern leadership, the American General Norman Schwartzkopf, said: “Leadership is a combination of strategy and personality. If you have to give up to one of them, give up the strategy”.

The capacity to attract others is mainly based on a creative and inspired communication, on a vivid language animated by examples and stories, adapted to the audience, on a free and self-confident presence in public, which would pass on this confidence. In one word, on what we usually call “charisma” – the seductive force of personality.


But can one learn to be charismatic? Here is a question we have heard so many times. We believe so. And we think that, even if you do not become as charismatic as Alexander the Great, you will be able to significantly improve your capacity to achieve objectives with the help of others. 

The program is centered on 3 applicative modules, carefully chosen and ordered to build, pillar by pillar, brick by brick, the edifice we called Creative Leadership. The modules target at creating skills and abilities strengthened by relevant knowledge. You will develop these abilities by practicing them in a free, intensively participative manner. Not only will you learn what the aimed subjects are, but most importantly, you will also learn how to use them in order to obtain the expected results.

The 4 modules are:

•  Creative Writing

•  Theatrical Techniques

•  Public Speaking

•  Self-Knowledge

The 4 modules mentioned above are highlighted, at the right moment, by a conceptual insert – The Art of Cultivation, which is shorter and much more concentrated and which will deliver essential concepts, useful along the lecture and, why not, along your whole life. This insert concentrates more on knowledge than on abilities and it will also be taught in an interactive and participative format.


The lectures will be taught by an united team of professors, determined to join you in this memorable experience.








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