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Absolvenţi despre ERISMA

  • În Erisma I trust, în rest I audit.

    Florin Golovatic

    Presedinte - Director General, UNIQA Asigurari SA, Erisma 5

  • Something rare nowadays, expectations were surpassed.
    My thanks to the professors, but also to the participants.

    Eugen Voicu

    CEO & Member of the Board for Certinvest SAI, Aviva Pensii, Aviva Life, Erisma 5

  • The Erisma Paradox:
    you want to see it through, but you never want it to end.

    Oana Stîncel

    Consumer Marketing Manager, Pepsi, Erisma 5

  • Erisma?
    A fortunate meeting between a fruitful idea and necessary people.

    Rodica Nicolae

    Chief Editor, Revista AIDA, Grupul Romania Libera, Erisma 5

  • Erudio changed my life, it showed me that things can have a purpose,
    and that any dream is worth a shot.

    Dragos Bucurenci

    Founding President, MaiMultVerde Association, Erisma 1

  • Call me and I’ll tell you about Erisma.
    It changed me.

    Alexandra Olaru

    Communication and Human Resources Manager, McDonald’s, Erisma 3

  • Erudio is an authenticity and spontaneity generator.

    Monica Neumorni

    General Director, Cariere Magazine, Erisma 3
  • I know that many of you have been and will be in other courses, but none shall
    ever be like this one, because this one is about people, about us,
    because this is the place where you’ve held your values and shared them with the others.
    In a word, here you were In School.

    Oana Ciornei

    Managing Partner, Amrop, Erisma 1
  • Erisma is about emotions, reflections, image, seduction, mitsein and air, fresh air.
    And in the bedlam of the everyday lives we all lead,
    in the hubbub of my life as a corporate animal,
    Erisma is a miracle.

    Dana Untescu

    Regional Director Human Resources, Xerox CEE, Turkey, Egypt and Israel, Erisma 1

  • A miraculous program to rejuvenate the soul and broaden the mind.
    That’s how I see ERISMA.

    Adrian Pop

    Business Developer Manager, ECRO SRL, Erisma 1
  • Here I learned how to find myself,
    and here I learned to show people who I truly am.
    You can’t teach anybody anything, you can only help people discover themselves.
    That’s what Erisma did for me.

    Cristina Opran

    Training and Development Manager Central Eastern Europe, Israel &Turkey, Xerox, Erisma 2

  • This was Erisma for me: Every week, by its end,
    I had this feeling of heightened expectation,
    waiting to see what would happen to me next.

    Mona Prisăcariu

    Program Manager, Soros Foundation, Erisma 2
  • Did I change at Erisma? Maybe not… certainly not.
    I just found the respite to think of all of this and to decide for myself between being actor or spectator.
    No reserves, no other expectations, just this:
    To give. To live.

    Valentin Păuna

    Human Resources Director, Real Hypermarket Romania, Erisma 2
  • My name is Răuţă Mihai Cătălin
    and I’ve gotten what I wanted from Erisma:
    I met Răuţă, the director who paid for the course,
    Mihai, the fiance, and Cătălin, the creator.

    Mihai Răuţă

    Director Consumer Risk Management, Raiffeisen Bank, Erisma 4

  • Something wonderful happened in my professional life,
    and the main root of it is in Erisma.

    Adi Vascu

    President, ANEVAR, Director Advisory Services KPMG, Erisma 5
  • Erisma is the best school for minorities: One in which introverts learn
    that in order to be themselves it is sufficient to learn foreign languages – that is, the language of extroverts
    because it is everything you need to have your worth recognized in this world
    in which if you keep to yourself you are considered dull, maybe even stupid.

    Alina Pintelie

    Managing Partner, SIA Marketing, Erisma 5
  • They are the ones that taught me that you can make beautiful things anytime out of anything, they are the ones that taught me that being normal is a gift we can enjoy, not an anomaly.
    They are my teachers, my tutors: my colleagues and my professors from Erisma.

    Mădălina Uceanu

    Career Coach & HR Advisor, Career Advisor, Erisma 5

  • Erisma is the only show whose final curtain never drops.

    Ştefan Caraman

    Bancpost Tulcea Director, Erisma 5

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Enrollement for Erisma 17 has begun!


You can read about the Erisma Structure here, the schedule is here, and if you want to find out more or apply, please contact us.
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ERISMA - CREATIVE LEADERSHIP A leader is formed in time. You know that to be a leader is not a gift of nature. You know it from your own experience. And you also know that to be a successful leader, you must get involved in experiences in which you learn more and more. It is only this way that you can determine others to follow you.


Applicative Modules
Ioana Pârvulescu
Ioana Pârvulescu

Creative Writing

During this module you will discover the power of words. You will practice the ability of using language in order to obtain the expected effect. You will learn to communicate in an expressive manner, so that you conquer your interlocutors through your personal style.
[In extenso]


Adrian Titieni
Adrian Titieni

Theatrical Techniques

At the end of this module you will be able to interact more freely with people around you. The moves, the look, the breath,the tone and diction are elements which, if used in a creative manner, will decisively contribute to the way in which you will be understood and followed.
[In extenso]


Mugur Ciumăgeanu Liviu Papadima
Mugur Ciumăgeanu &
Liviu Papadima

Public Speaking

This module will help you address in different circumstances, to a larger or smaller audience, which is familiar to you or unknown. It will help you overcome your public exposure inhibitions, in order to win the trust and appreciation of those who listen to you.
[In extenso]


Mugur Ciumăgeanu


After this module, you will perceive the multitude of personalities you come in contact with differently. The encounters with personalities that differ greatly from yours will no longer be muffled fights with static points of view, but steps you can guide with understanding, inspiration and method towards the desired result.


Conceptual Inserts
Horia - Roman Patapievici
Horia - Roman

The Art of Cultivation

When you get to a certain level, subjects as football, politics and high life are no longer enough for a conversation meant to strengthen a business relationship. You need exceptional subjects and knowledge which can reveal your personality. This course will offer you some of them.
[In extenso]




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